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How beginners became millionaires with only €250 – and why it’s still easy for anyone to do!

Bitcon millionaire at just 18 years of age! Investing in Bitcoin was the best thing that happend to him.

July 6, 2020

Reporter Emilie Smith examines the topic of bitcoin trading and whether one can still become a millionaire today.

People all over the world have earned millions through a small, hardly known currency called bitcoin. You may not know it yet, but bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the next big thing. In the last seven years alone, bitcoin’s value has multiplied 879,999 times over. If you had invested €5 in bitcoin, you would be 4.4 million euro richer. And the most incredible thing is that the value will increase even further. The value of bitcoin is on course to double in 2020. Have you ever wished you had invested in companies like Apple, Google and Facebook when they were still small and only worth a few cents? You are not the only one. No one wants miss the next great opportunity, especially if you had the opportunity to invest. After doing some research, we found many people who still earn hundreds of thousands of euros through this colossal growth of Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is better than any other currency.” – Bill Gates

We talked to Julien Baumann, a 26-year-old from Perth. He quit his job seven months ago and earns €730 per day through bitcoin trading.

When we asked him how he had started, he explained that he had come across a video on Facebook. In the video, a trader named Steven talked about his Bitcoin Code trading system. Steven was 18 years old and had earned over 1 million euros within 6 months with this system.

“At first I didn’t believe the video. It was claimed that all these people would make huge sums of money with it. No normal person can earn hundreds of thousands through online trading, right? I’ve seen many different scams online, so I almost closed the video. But the method made sense, so I looked further.”

“In the end, I decided to invest a small sum of €250. I didn’t expect much, but I have learned so much in these 2 days and earned about €3,700 in my first week.” Julien considered withdrawing his money but instead chose to reinvest it. “My mind was racing with thoughts about all the things I could do now. At last I had a bit of freedom. ” Julien followed the Bitcoin Code system and within four weeks he had earned more than €23,200.

Since our first interview, Julien has told us that he has “hit the jackpot” with some good trades and in three months Julien has earned an incredible €235,700. This sounded too good to be true, so we contacted the team behind Bitcoin Code. Steven, the founder, replied.

According to Bitcoin Code, they have paid out more than €15,680,000 to over 713 new traders since starting.

“The interesting thing is that we have many users from Australia and New Zealand. It is really very diverse. There are mothers who work from home, students and even a few taxi drivers, just to name a few. In fact, this year we saw a strong increase in new traders. It seems that everyone wants to get involved with bitcoin.”

We asked how it works and whether most people actually make money: “We check each registration and make sure that every person really wants to earn a little extra. I know that someone willing to invest a little is taking our business seriously. The decisive factor here is that the price gains can be multiplied within a very short time using simple means such as “levers”.”

We still had a few questions, but before we could ask them, Steven jumped in: “Hey, why don’t you try the platform yourself and test the bitcoin trading with CFDs? You will work with a senior broker who will guide you through the entire process.”

Steven sent me a link through which I could test bitcoin trading with CFDs myself, and here are my experiences during my 3-day test:

My experiences from the 3-day test with bitcoin trading
Day 1I signed up and deposited my money for trading. I started with a sum of €100. After everything that I had heard from Steven and Julien, I was excited about trying it out myself. With the support of my broker Oliver, I did my first trade. He made it really easy for me. Then I went to bed and I decided to take a look the next day when I returned to work.

Day 2

I was so stressed at work that I almost forgot to look at what my trades were doing. But when I logged in, I couldn’t believe it. I had to double check to make sure it was really my account. In less than 24 hours my account balance had increased to €1,632. I wrote an email to Oliver, but he wasn’t surprised. “This is normal,” he said. “In fact, we often see people who earn even more in the first 12 hours.” I was really impressed. Bitcoin really works. For the rest of the day, I could hardly concentrate on my job

Day 3

On the third day I was well familiarized with the platform and I decided to make more trades. I spent about 30 minutes with it and then another 30 minutes to check my trades. I saw that it really wasn’t complicated. It was much easier than anything I had seen before. And besides, it was very clear how I earned the money. At the end of my 3-day test, my account balance had reached an incredible €3,420.

How to trade with bitcoins:
Step 1: Click here to register for free.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the screen to earn money with bitcoin trading!

Step 3: Your personal adviser will contact you during business hours. Please make sure you have your phone ready.

Step 4: Deposit at least €100 into your account, place your first bitcoin trades and start earning money.

Note: The broker has a daily limit for new traders from OZ and NZ. There are limited capacities for free and personal support for all new traders. Only 3 people can register today.


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